You qualify as a pro-flyer if you are a skydiver – or if you have done some flying in a wind-tunnel and an instructor has told you that you qualify. Check with us to be sure.

Price list: 

Flying time (included in the price is coaching if you want it): 

                 Off (Mon-Fri before 16:00)        On (Fri from 16:00+weekend)
5 min.                      565 NOK                                 600 NOK
10 min.                1.080 NOK                             1.150 NOK
15 min.                1.600 NOK                             1.700 NOK
30 min.                3.100 NOK                             3.300 NOK
1 time.                  6.000 NOK                             6.400 NOK

Pro-flyer-deal is NOK 54.000 (flying time, not included coaching).
Pro-flyer-deal means you pre-pay for 10 hours of flying time. Fly whenever you like. There is a maximum limit of four persons for buying a pro-flyer-deal.