Stag parties

Wind tunnel – lift your party to the ceiling!

Watch the bride in full swing!
Bring the groom aloft before he goes soft!

Flying in the wind-tunnel is a fantastic surprise experience for both bride and groom
A few examples of stag-party events:

  • Buy a large or medium package for the stag and the basic package for the rest of the herd. This bonds the entire herd through this exciting experience.
  • Buy the “Free fall-package” which includes the medium wind-tunnel package and a tandem skydive at Skydive Voss (Summer-season).
  • Buy the package VossVind and Water, which is rafting, lunch and wind-tunnel. This bonds the stag and the herd having fun through two days in a row. (Spring, summer and autumn).
  • VossVind can be part of a treasure hunt and the stag gets to fly when he or she finds us.

 The sky is the limit! We look forward to getting your knees in the breeze!