What’s the age limit?

5 years. There’s no upper limit

What do I need to bring?

Trainers or a pair of light shoes that tie tightly onto your foot. We supply the flight-suit, helmet and goggles needed to enjoy your flight.

May we film or take pictures?

You are free to film and take pictures as much as you like from the outside. But you are not allowed to bring any objects into to the flight-chamber of the tunnel. We also offer video-footage and pictures for 100 NOK per person, 300 NOK for a family of 4 and 400 NOK for a family of 5.

Do you accommodate large groups?

Absolutely! Groups of any size, gender mixture and age are welcome. No group is too small, no group is too big. Feel free to contact us on e-mail or phone

Can we watch other people fly?

You may watch every-one. Get inspired! Come watch the pros enjoy themselves.

Can I fly with my friends?

All first timers fly in the beginning alone with an instructor. After you’ve done some sessions you may get approval from an instructor to fly together with others.

What is a pro-flyer?

Any-one can become a pro-flyer. All skydivers are pro-flyers. But any-one flying with us can excel to pro-flyer level. How much tunnel-time it takes depends on individual skills. So does the amount of tunnel-time it takes, but on average 10 to 15 minutes in the tunnel. To qualify, you need to be able to enter and exit the tunnel safely, fly up, down and in a circle, and slip sideways on your belly. We recommend you to notify the instructor that your goal is to become a pro-flyer so you can start practice these skills from the start. It takes an instructor to certify you as pro-flyer.

Can I as a student buy a giftcard for student price for someone who is not a student?

No, the one that is flying needs to be a student and show a valid student ID previous to flying.